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Corporate Overview

At Plumb Krazy, we have several years of experience providing a wide variety of customers with the best plumbing services available in the residential and commercial industries. We specialize in remodeling, plumbing and heating.

Our dedicated team provides first-rate services, covering custom homes and rentals, complete repairs, boilers and waterheaters, radiant heating, mist systems, backflow testing and repair, sewer line replacement, gas lines, sprinkler repairs, clogged drains, both broken and old pipes.

Professional plumbing, heating knowledge and unquestionable repair represent our areas of expertise. We use top notch equipment, tools and brands to supply the most responsive services.

“We’re Krazy about Plumbing”

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We tried many plumbing service providers, but Plumb Krazy remains the best. Fast service, quick responsiveness, professional staff. They provide all we ask for.
C. Lang
Reno, NV
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